College Prep Information and Resources

High School Students Earning College Credit:
It is the responsibility of any student who earned College credit via
AP, CLEP, UHCNO, Delgado, or Nunez to send a record of college credit earned to any college he/she applies to in order to receive the appropriate credit.
BCHS will only send a transcript reflecting High School credit earned.
Please use the following links listed below to reach the appropriate sites:
University of Holy Cross 

Belle Chasse High School

CLEP, AP, & Dual Enrollment Offerings


  • Biology Honors - Biology CLEP
  • Biology II - Biology CLEP
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • Advanced Math Honors - College Algebra CLEP
  • Advanced Math - College Mathematics CLEP
  • Trigonometry - Precalculus CLEP
  • AP Calculus
Social Studies
  • US History Honors - History of the United States II CLEP
  • Psychology - Introductory Psychology CLEP
  • Sociology - Introductory Sociology CLEP
  • *World History/Western Civilization - Dual Enrollment with University of Holy Cross at UHCNO Campus (see below for a complete list of UHCNO Dual Enrollment Course Offerings)
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Government & Politics
  • English III & IV - College Composition Modular CLEP
  • *English IV/ English 101 & I02 - University of Holy Cross on UHCNO Campus (see below for a complete list of UHCNO Dual Enrollment Course Offerings)
  • AP Language & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition
Career and Technical Education
  • AP Studio Art - AP Drawing & AP 2D Design
  • Introduction to Drawing - Dual Enrollment with Nunez
  • First Responder - Dual Enrollment with Nunez
  • Medical Terminology - Dual Enrollment with Nunez
  • Patient Care Technician - Dual Enrollment with Nunez
  • Welding - Dual Enrollment with Nunez on Nunez Campus
  • HACR - Dual Enrollment with Nunez on Nunez Campus
  • EKG - Dual Enrollment with Nunez on Nunez Campus
  • CNA - Dual Enrollment with Nunez on Nunez Campus
  • Phlebotomy - Dual Enrollment with Nunez on Nunez Campus
Foreign Language
  • French II - French CLEP
  • Spanish II - Spanish CLEP
In addition to the above mentioned classes BCHS, in partnership with Nunez Community College, is please to offer Dual Enrollment options for the following career and technical programs:
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Technology
  • Business Information Technology
  • Business Technology
  • Care and Development of Young Children
  • Coastal Studies and GIS Technology
  • Culinary Arts and Culinary Entrepreneurship
  • Electrical Construction
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Process Technology –​ PTEC
  • Teaching: Grades 1-​5
Click on the link below to view an interactive list of the programs Nunez offers:
College Recruiter and Admission Rep Visits:
Belle Chasse High School students are making a name for themselves! Each month the counselors' office is contacted by various college admission reps who want to come meet our students.
There are two types of on campus college visits: 
  • Lunchtime meet and greets
  • Flex small group presentations
The lunchtime meet and greets are very informal. Typically students will get a flyer or handout and he/she can sign up to get information from the hosting college via mail or email.
In order to attend a small group Flex presentation, students will be required to sign up in the counselors' office. These meetings are more in depth. They give students the opportunity to ask questions about the admission process, scholarships, degrees, etc. 
 Refer to the monthly newsletter for upcoming visits and events