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Belle Chasse High School 2023-2024 Student Handbook can be downloaded by clicking this link. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view this file.
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The School Board shall require students who bring vehicles on campus to register those vehicles and to provide the school authorities with a consent to search of such vehicle signed by the student, parents and/or owner of the vehicle.  Any vehicle parked on School Board property may be searched without consent at any time by a school administrator/designee when such school administrator/designee has articulable facts which lead the school administrator/designee to a reasonable belief that weapons, dangerous substances or elements, illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen goods, or other materials or objects the possession of which is a violation of law, School Board policy or school regulations will be found.  Searches may also be conducted to assure compliance with health, safety, and/or security laws, rules, or regulations.  Such searches shall be conducted in the presence of the student whenever possible.


If the automobile is locked, the student shall unlock the automobile.  If the student refuses to unlock the automobile, proper law enforcement officials shall be summoned and the student shall be subject to disciplinary action and may be banned from parking any vehicle on school property.  Any student not present during the search shall be informed of the search immediately thereafter.





 The Plaquemines Parish School Board is the exclusive owner of any public school building and any desk or locker utilized by any student contained therein or any other area that may be set aside for the personal use of the students.  Any teacher, principal, administrator, or school security guard employed by the School Board, having a reasonable belief that any public school building, desk, locker, area or grounds of any public school contains any weapons, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, nitrate based inhalants, stolen goods, or other items the possession of which is prohibited by any law, School Board policy, or school rule, may search either physically or with the use of metal detectors such building, desk, locker, area or grounds of said public school.