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Belle Chasse and winning will REMAIN synonymous terms principally because of my efforts. Winning will not be automatic, neither will I win simply by wanting to win.

 Wanting to win is not enough. I, the individual Cardinal, will become a winner and will help to make my school a winner because I realize that any worthwhile endeavor requires personal commitment. A price must be paid. A price whose currency is hard work, dedication, and sacrifice alloyed with boredom, injury, and frustration.

 I will become a winner because I have determined in my heart to pay this price of blood, sweat, and tears and am now proceeding with the necessary daily installments.

 I realize that regardless of my talents, I have an important contribution to make on my team, and that the deeper meaning of being a CARDINAL is my own willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of my team and my teammates.

 I deeply believe that regardless of whether I am the least or the greatest athlete on my team, I have an important part to play in my team's success. Every day when I give my best effort, on and off the field, in practice and in games, I make my team a better team. Every time I take it easy and do less than my best, on or off the field, in practice and in games, I hurt both my team and myself with my attitudes and actions.

 I realize that my team is no stronger than I - the individual athlete. Therefore, I make this following personal commitment:

I will keep my faith with my God, my teammates, my coaches, and myself. I will pay the price of heat, grime, sweat, and fatigue, aches and blisters, so that my teammates will keep their faith with me. I will expect to win, but realize that winning will not be easy or automatic.

I strongly believe that I will be a better man because of this personal commitment and that the world will be a better world because of me.

 I will not forget that even though I may sometimes lose on the field, I will never become a loser for -


I am a winner in the truest sense...
I am a 



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