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Registration and Scheduling, Transfers, and Record Updates

Welcome to BCHS's registration and records page.  This page was designed to provide information regarding registration, withdrawals, and records. It is subject to change and will be updated periodically.
PPSB has launched an online registration process during our school closure due to COVID-19. This is a new and developing process. Please bear with us as we tackle this new endeavour.
If you have any questions regarding registration, please send an email to
The Registration Process:
New Students Entering BCHS:
The Plaquemines Parish registration requirements and all registration forms are provided on this webpage. 
All required documentation must be current and presented at the time of registration.
All required documents and completed registration forms must be turned in together in order for registration to be complete. 
Every NEW student to Belle Chasse High School MUST Register to attend school at Belle Chasse High School. This includes students who are new to the district, as well as students transferring from Belle Chasse Middle School, South Plaquemines High School, Phoenix High School, and Belle Chasse Academy. 
Details on the registration process for the upcoming school year will be released in May 2021. 
DO NOT USE THE LINKS TO THE RIGHT TO REGISTER FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR. The documents will not be processed if you do. 
Registration for the 2020-2021 SY
Electronic registration packets are located in the right margin of this page. Hard copies of the registration packet are available for pick up in the main office. Completed packets and all required documents may be deposited into the drop box located outside of the counselors' office, submitted electronically, or turned in, in person, by appointment only
    • In person registration protocols:
    • In person registration is by appointment only. 
    • Appointments will be on a first come first serve basis and will be 15 minutes in length.
    • If you do not have all the required documents at the time of your appointment, you will be rescheduled and registration will be considered incomplete.
    • You may call 504-595-6611 to set up an appointment. 
    • You must adhere to social distancing protocols and wear a mask during the appointment. You will be subject to a health screening prior to entering the school building. 
    • One parent/legal guardian per appointment will be allowed.
    • Students  should be present but siblings are not permitted.
    • Protocols are subject to change without notice
*To complete the registration packet electronically, please see the dropdown menu in the right margin above. Select the tab that applies to your student. Email completed packet and all required documentation to
Please be advised: Upon review of electronically submitted documents, further information may be requested.
**Contactless Registration: hard copies of the registration packet are available for pickup in the main office. Completed packets and copies of all required documents may be deposited into the drop box located outside of the Counselor's Office. Please be advised: Upon review of submitted documents, further information may be requested.
***To register in person, please print and complete the forms. Then return in person to the Counselors' Office during your scheduled appointment.
For more information, please contact the BCHS Counselors' Office at 504-595-6611,,  or refer to the calendar of events on the main page of the BCHS website for more information on the dates and times. 
Contact Kimberlie LeBlanc,
BCHS Registrar for more details
(504) 595-6611
Residency Affidavit Information:
In the situation that the parent(s)/guardian(s) are residing with someone else, you will need to fill out and get the attached Residency Affidavit Form notarized and submit all other required registration documents with FIVE proofs of residency. 
The five proofs of residency MUST include: 
  •  THREE proofs under the person you are residing with:
    •  At Least ONE of the following
      • Lease Agreement, Mortgage Agreement, or Homestead Exemption
    • And TWO of the following documents:
      • Utility Bills: Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, and/or Phone (bill should be dated in the current month or previous month at the time of registration)
  •  TWO proofs under the parent(s)/guardian(s):
    •  Substantial mail such as a cell phone statement, car insurance, medical statement, etc. 
*Important Note: With the submission of a notarized residency affidavit form, you will be subject to a home visit from our Director of Student Services. You will also be required to get the residency affidavit form re-notarized with the submittal of five updated proofs of residency at the end of every school year that you are residing with someone who is not the parent/guardian.  
The original notarized affidavit must be turned in to the Counselors' Office. Contact 504-595-6611 for more information on how to submit the paperwork during the school closure. 
The Scheduling Process:
Scheduling information for current 8th grade BCMS students who will transfer to BCHS in August 2020
2020-2021SY High School Transition and Scheduling Information

BCHS hosted the 8th Grade to High School Transition and Scheduling Night on  March 4, 2020 from  5:30 to 7:00 PM


The slide show that was presented in the auditorium by Ms.Ganacias is found below. It contains information on pathways, electives, freshmen courses offered, and graduation requirements. This is all information needed to help you make an informed decision when planning for the student's 2020-2021 SY schedule. 


Students from BCMS are encouraged to complete the scheduling form found below and return it via fax to 504-392-2442, leave in the drop box located in front of the BCHS Counselors' Office, or via email to


*Please note, a student will not be officially scheduled until the registration process is complete.

Scheduling of all new to the district students:
Once electronic registration is complete, all new students will be notified by a counselor and advised on the scheduling process.
You may get more information on courses offered by clicking here 
and on Pathways by clicking here
New students who register in person will be scheduled at the time of registration. 
The Withdrawal Process:
Students Transferring Out of BCHS:
If  a student is transferring to another school from BCHS, the parent or guardian of the student must officially withdraw the student. This must be done in person in the Registrar's Office. Please be prepared to provide a forwarding address and phone number, as well as the name and phone number of the new school the student is transferring to. All outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to records release and all books and school materials must be turned in prior to or at the time of withdrawal. 
Summer Transfers:
If a student intends to transfer over the summer months, when school is out of session, we ask that the parent or guardian complete an "Internet To Transfer Form." This document can be found below . It should completed, and returned to the BCHS via email at  prior to the end of the current school year. A copy of this document should be saved with your records. Please note: The Intent to Transfer Form and the final report card serve as an official withdrawal form in regards to a summer transfer. 
Change of Records:
Student Record Updates:
All student record updates must be changed through the Registrar. This includes address change, name change, etc. Furthermore, if an address change goes un-reported and sent mail is returned to BCHS, proof of current residency will be required. Failure to provide requested documentation may result in an exclusion letter being issued to the student for failure to comply with parish guidelines.
For more information on how to obtain official copies of school records, please see the Transcript Information tab under the Counseling page or click here