Belle Chasse High School

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Who is in S2S?

All About Us
Membership in S2S is established by an open application process. Most students sign up at BCHS Club Day. However, students are welcomed to join throughout the school year. 
Membership Requirements:
  1. Members must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no failing grades
  2. Members must have no major disciplinary problems during the school year
  3. Members must maintain regular attendance at school
  4. Members must care about and represent Belle Chasse High School and the S2S Club well
  5. Members must be willing to make a year long commitment to the club
  6. Members must maintain regular attendance at club meetings and functions
The President and co-president are selected by the sponsors.
The Treasure, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms are elected by club members. 
2016-2017 Officers:
Co-Presidents:  Stephanie Chelette and Yamane Hill
Secretary:  Peyton Pipher (1st lunch) and Vicky Nguyen (2nd lunch)
Treasure: Alex Sucato (1st lunch) and Haleemah Abukhalil (2nd lunch)
Sergeant at Arms: Paul Mantzel (1st lunch) and Kathy Dao (2nd lunch)
Mrs. Marilynn Rink
Mrs. Rink has served as the BCHS S2S sponsor for 5 years. Mrs. Rink is the BCHS Freshmen and Sophomore counselor. Mrs. Rink, also known as Lieutenant Colonel Rink with the Army Reserves, understands the impact moving and transitioning can have on a person.  She has an open door policy and all BCHS students are welcome in the counselors' office at anytime!
Mrs. Rink can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 504-595-6606.
Mrs. Kimberlie LeBlanc
Mrs. LeBlanc is the S2S co-sponsor. Mrs. LeBlanc is fairly new to the BCHS family, this is her 2nd year on campus. Mrs. LeBlanc is the BCHS Registrar and meets with every family at the time of enrollment. Mrs. LeBlanc is always available to aid in the transfer process and help new students feel welcome.
Mrs. LeBlanc can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 504-595-6611.