BCHS Conservation Leadership Corps.

BCHS Students Volunteer with Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana 


On Sunday September 16th, twenty-two students with the BCHS Conservation Leadership Corps. volunteered their time to recycle almost 8 tons of oyster shell in Buras with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL).  They shoveled, raked, and hand-loaded the oyster shells recycled from local New Orleans restaurants into individual bags and loaded them onto pallets to be placed at a reef-building project CRCL is coordinating.  The re-built reef provides protection from coastal erosion by reducing wave impact energy and provides substrate for oyster larvae to attach to and start growing into new living reef. 

The newly-formed club has a number of on-going projects focused around coastal protection and environmental conservation including maintaining plots of sapling oak, cypress, and magnolia trees planted in the Woodlands Conservancy by Belle Chasse Primary students as part of their Seeds to Saplings program, and growing their own cypress trees on campus to be planted in wetlands within the parish. If you would like to suggest new projects for the club to work on, please contact Casey McMann at [email protected]