Belle Chasse High School

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Spanish Cultural Field Trip

On February 15, 2017, BCHS Spanish classes, teachers and parents attended a cultural field trip to Loyola University -Roussel Performance Hall by The Flamenco Ballet-Arts and Dance Company from Miami, Florida.

Our students were able to witness two exhilarating performances. The first show was “Latin American Fiesta, “which the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Ensemble Arts and Dance Company described it as: “A dazzling and colorful display of costumes, music and dance from Hispanic nations of the Caribbean, Central, and South America.”  The second show, “Spain Alive” is described as: “A delightful and soulful display of folkloric music and dance from Spain.”

 At the end of each performance some students were invited to participate in the interactive portions of the shows by joining the artists on stage to dance. Our students had a great time and it was certainly, an unforgettable Hispanic cultural experience.