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Virtual Learning at BCHS

Welcome to the Belle Chasse High School virtual learning page. This page is dedicated to providing resources for our students and parents during the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 
Google Classrooom
This school year all of our teachers will be using the Google Classroom platform in some form. It is important for students and parents to familiarize themselves with the Google Classroom and know how to use its features. A l ink to the Google Classroom can be found on the right sidebar of this page. Below is a great video on using the Google Classroom. We suggest both students and parents watch this video for a better understanding of the Google Classroom platform. To access the Google Classroom students will have to use their PPSB assigned email address which will end in and their normal school computer password. The class codes will be provided by their teacher.
Virtual Attendance
Attendance will be taken daily by all teachers using the Google Classroom. Students are responsible for logging in daily and filling out the attendance form for each class by 11:59 PM, Monday through Friday. The video below will explain how students will fill out the attendance form. If you have questions about attendance for a specific class, please email that teacher. 
Teacher Webpages
The teachers at Belle Chasse High School have updated their teacher pages to be used as an introduction page as well as to provide important information about their classes. Each teacher's email address can be found on their page. Email is the recommended and best way to contact your teacher.  Use the link below to access our teacher directory to access a teacher's page. 
New Student Orientation
Our Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) normally host an in-person orientation for all of our incoming freshmen. This year we had to get creative and have a virtual orientation. The video below was put together by the PSLs to introduce BCHS to our freshmen class, the Class of 2024!